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しんろ。 my future plan











In this morning, I missed the train and had to wait next one for 30 mins. But the train was late a few mins, so changing the trains didn't work well;((( so I waited for another 20 mins at Narita station. But I was able to meet my friend and talk a lot! 

I mainly talked about after graduation. Currently I'm waiting for a teacher exam result, but I know that is hopeless. 

Then I imagined which job I would get if I don't work at the school. 

Whatever I think about my future, I always try to think how I can be a person who create the future with full of smile. 

One of my dreams is to join JICA program and work in a foreign country. Then I'll come back to Japan and want to work for Japanese students. So that I can share my experiences to younger generation and give them a time to think how we can create the better world. 

Anyway, it'll take looooooong, but I just never stop dreaming and keep making an effort!