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本当にあった怖い話 in Paris

本当にあった怖い話 in Paris

A scary story at the hostel in Paris
Now I'm in Paris. I stayed at the dormitory as usually for my own trip. However, one of the most scary things happened from last night to this morning. This is a really big impact, so I'll write it down.
At the dormitory, 10 people are sharing the room. 4 double-deck beds in the room. Mine is the top bunk and the bottom bunk, a woman born in Africa and grow up in France. It was the very first time for me to talk with African person, so i thought it's a good chance to talk with her. She is finished the school and she got the temporary job like cleaning on the street, hotel cleaning, newspaper passing out on the street or cash register or so. And she doesn't have a house to stay. So she stays and moves to dormitories. When I heard this story, it's like living day by day. But somehow, she looks hopeful and enjoying her life. I was wondering Japanese people have a home, a job, earn money and eat the meal, but they look tired and I'm not sure they enjoy their life. WHY?
BUT. Last night she suddenly started punching the wall many times, kicking my bed and screaming at me. I completely had no idea what I did to her. I'm really scared of her. And literally I COULD NOT SLEEP AT ALL!!!! A whole night. I've never experienced to awake all night. (Even in the final exam week!) I try to go to sleep, but too scared.
In early morning, a roommate told me it's not my fault completely and not to worry. Then she came with hostel staff members and talked with an African lady. Finally, it seems she left from the hostel.
A woman who called hostel staff members hugged me twice and was super kind of me.
Other share mates said the African lady was crazy.
Until last night, she is really good to me. So this was really surprising for me at the same time. Actually, I was almost crying.
I guess she is emotional instability. She doesn't have a house, a stable job. Not sure how her life is going. She said she wants to live in a house in the future. Anxiety would be emotional instability...??? If so, I don't blame her at all.
In Europe, I saw many many African people and they look strong and scary for me. But it is just what I feel from their appearance and not true. I thought like this way every time. But after this accident, today I'm really scared of African people. Also, I can see many homeless in Europe. African, Muslim people, disabled people, etc. Also, a French guy was saying people are seeking the job, but no left.
I'm not sure what I want to say, but... These situations, (including this morning case, homeless people, terrorism, unemployed etc) are not because of them. But the society is not ready. I believe nobody was bad. The social system is not enough. I wish I can change these situations.
This is what I really want to do in my life. To make a better world:)))